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Caveman Jumper

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Caveman Jumper Online Game
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Tap to jump.

Caveman Jumper Online Game

Caveman Jumper

Collect as many coins as you can, through the world of the caveman jumper! Jump as many times as you want and dodge all the random spikes that get in your way to become the best of the best!
As you progress through the game more and more spikes will get in your way, but as the difficulty increases also the reward for every coin you collect. if you get as higher and higher the coins you get will increase, making you rich and rich, by the second!
You can then buy more characters with the coins you collect, at the game shop!, all these characters will have certain abilities that make the game experience unique.some can change the gravity, and others the coins you get, can you buy them all?!

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Tap to jump.
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